Commercial Window Cleaning

LT specialise in commercial window cleaning with over 4 decades of experience. We believe that a building should not only look good from the inside, but also have an aesthetically pleasing finish on the outside. This is why our services stretch to office window cleans and high rise building cleaning for all sites. Our expert commercial window cleaners are ready to reach those heights that can be deemed problematic and dangerous, and have had sufficient training in all procedures. This means that you can now have gleaming windows all year round, with our contract window cleaning services. Lt Cleaning can also provide a one off window cleaner throughout Yorkshire, for the times when you simply need one clean.

Why are clean windows important?

Clean windows are essential in order to emanate a professional image, and show that you take care of all aspects of your business from the ground up. However, more importantly clean windows add energy and light. With the majority of modern buildings having thermal glass windows it is more imperative than ever before to maintain cleanliness, in order to ensure 100% efficiency of thermal capacity. It also helps to avoid the decay of glass, which will ultimately save you money from having to replace glass panes.

Window Cleaning