Our director and operations team hold many years of experience in the cleaning industry and will be able to manifest a bespoke package for all your needs with our cleaning consultancy, regardless of the industry or cleaning job.

Management Consulting

We are here to create possibilities and will take our time generating and implementing cleaning solutions. For example, if a restaurant was not clean but also had a lack of money, we would not increase costs but rather use our knowledge to buy one effective cleaning chemical rather than 5. This way we could re-educate our clients and save their money by injecting it into the right places, ultimately finding a resolution and fulfilling our client’s needs whilst maintaining practicality.

LT Cleaning Services willing to work with your team or use our own cleaners. We can delegate staff with certain skills to a site, and the changes they make will become instilled into a company, thus re-educating and implementing their expertise in order to accomplish the right cleaning solution.

Why not take advantage of our directors experience and expertise, in order to get your own tailor-made package with our cleaning company. Our consultancy will provide you with all your cleaning needs and more.