Duct Cleaning

LT cleaning Services offer duct cleaning services to the whole of Yorkshire and North England. The maintenance of a clean duct is especially important for businesses on many different fronts, from health all the way to costs.

Harbouring an unclean duct is like leaving food in an unplugged fridge for a long period of time. Not something you would do or want? Well neither is a dirty duct. The results can lead to mould, diseases like salmonella and legionnaires disease, pollution and overall an inefficient system.

Do not be fooled however, because your problems will not stop there. As a consequence of this your employees and workplace can be affected drastically and the only solution will be handing over more money! Productivity may drop, employee moral can deteriorate, interior decorations will be ruined and you may be prosecuted for incompliance with Health and Safety regulations… The list is endless, and who would have know that the untouched duct you have stowed away could cause all these problems?

Air condition system dewatering and cleaning line

That is why LT Cleaning Services Services are on hand to offer ducting cleaning provided by our fully trained staff and effective duct cleaning equipment, that has all been tried and tested on numerous jobs with great results.

Remember that it is your responsibility to ensure Health and Safety rules are implemented and that systems are clean to prevent contamination. Our professional cleaning services know exactly how to meet those standards, and are here to help no matter what size or industry.